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Rescue Rant

on December 13, 2012

While I’m not studying for finals, I thought I would finally clear something up. Many people have commented “You should have adopted a dog, not bought one.” I have avoided discussing this until now because I want this blog to be a positive place. However, I will now finally address this topic and endeavor to keep this from becoming a full-blown rant. 

Warning: anger, discrimination, and stupidity ahead!

Yes, I looked at breeders. But I also kept an eye on dogs in shelters and rescues for about a year.

I tried to adopt a dog. I contacted 6 rescues about 6 dogs in 3 states. All 6 told me I wasn’t a fit home for a dog.

Why? I’m a student. I’m under 22. I live in an apartment. I don’t have a securely fenced in yard. I have never owned a dog before. I live alone. I don’t live in X state. I’m mentally ill.

One of the rescues couldn’t even be bothered to return my calls.

I’m sure you can all see why this “unfit” dog owner gets a little angry every time someone criticizes me for buying my dog.

For those of you who hate me for buying a dog and try to make me feel guilty I will happily give you the names and numbers of those 6 rescues. Go criticize them for passing up a wonderful home and leave me alone.

I think I was rejected from all those rescues for a reason–so that I would end up with Lucy. She was the best decision of my life.

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