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on December 11, 2012

Hi all!

First, a quick update about Lucy. Her surgery went well and she is fully recovered (although her hair still isn’t all grown back). She also saw snow for the first time ever today. A video of this historic moment will be posted at a later date.

Second, I would like to take this opportunity to list some of the things I have been able to do since Lucy came into my life. These are things that I hadn’t done for years prior getting her.

Ride on a bus

Drive to the mall

Deal with groups of more than 10 people

Shop in Brick and Mortar stores (I’ve been shopping almost exclusively online)

Stand up to my father

Go out for dinner (My friends took me out for my Birthday a few years ago. I had such a bad panic attack during it that I threw up.)

Go to drive-through

The following are things that I could do, but they caused me panic attacks every time. With Lucy, no more panic!

Go to work


Make eye contact with strangers (ex. waitresses or when checking out at the grocery store)

Talk about myself

Talk on the phone

The following are things that I HAVEN’T done since I got Lucy

Cry for more than 10 minutes

Have a panic attack in class


So, Thank You Lucy!



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