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Hello, this is Lucy. How may I be of service?

on December 11, 2012

Today, I would like to happily announce that, under federal law, Lucy is a service dog. To be a service dog under the law two things are required.

(1) The handler be disabled.

I got that part down

(2) The dog perform specific tasks or work to mitigate that disability.

Lucy is successfully task-trained to do the following

Remind me to take my meds

Remind me to eat (since on my meds I never get hungry)

Force me to get out of bed

Alert to mania

Alert to depression

Deep Pressure Therapy

For now I am going to continue to identify her generally as a service dog in training because her public access manners are not as nice as I would like (they’re still pretty good though). Since in North Carolina and Indiana service dogs in training have all the same protections as full fledged service dogs there is no reason for me to identify her as a service dog yet.

Mostly, I just wanted to brag to all of you and to tell you, my dear friends, first that Lucy is both legit and official.

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