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Life with a Diva

on July 15, 2012

Hello all!

Lucy’s personality is really starting to show now that she’s more comfortable in Seattle. She’s such a girly-girl diva doggie! She struts around Seattle like she owns the place. We even walked by someone the other day who gasps, “Look! It prances!” She also loves getting groomed, bathed, brushed, trimmed, you name it and she loves it. Clearly, she was born to be a show dog. But I don’t think she harbors any resentment towards me from keeping her from the life of a beauty queen.

Also, in true Diva style, Lucy is lazy! She likes a good long walk a couple times a day and spends the rest of the time asleep. On the floor, on the sofa, in her crate, on the counter at the front desk, it doesn’t  matter. There is only one place that she won’t sleep, and that is my lap. I’ve probably got the one lap dog in the world that doesn’t like laps.

I try my best not to spoil her. But I’m pretty sure that she’s been spoiled.

As evidence of how much she loves the camera (and how much the camera loves her!) I have included a slideshow of some recent pictures of her.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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