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on June 16, 2012

Hello all!

Well, I’ve had Lucy for about a month now and boy, have things been crazy! First, so info about Lucy. She is cheerful and loving. Though she was billed as a lap dog I think this was false advertising. She prefers to sit near you, but not in your lap. She also loves to chase a tennis ball around the floor but won’t fetch it. She likes to go for long walks but when we go places too far away she rides in a fake Gucci purse. So yes, I do have a purse-puppy.

No, I don’t have pictures uploaded to my computer so none will appear in this post. However, I have a ton on my phone so just text if you want one. Now, on to our adventures in Seattle.

About 2 days after I got her I was contacted by Amazon saying they had run out of apartments for cooperate housing. So they were putting me up in a hotel for the next 3 months. I contacted the hotel and because Lucy is classified as an ESA (until Public Access Training starts) she is allowed to stay. However, we went into hardcore training mode. Rather than focus on the basics, like Sit, I choose to start by teaching her the essential things she will need to know to live in a hotel. The most important is manners.

Here at the hotel she lives by the following rules:

1. Lucy may bark once and only once when someone passes by the door.

2. Lucy must stay close to me at all times. She may not wander, even if she smells something really good coming from the dinning room.

3. Lucy may not solicit for pets. She may (and loves to) accept them.

4. Lucy must be respectful of all people.

5. Lucy must exhibit proper elevator etiquette. This includes waiting to get on until everyone else has gotten off, sitting at my feet while riding, and getting off only when I indicate that we have reached the appropriate floor.

6. Lucy may not chew on anything that I have not given her.

She’s gotten pretty good at them. She still makes mistakes, of course, but overall is doing very well. All the hotel staff are in love with her, as are most of the patrons. So far I’ve gotten a couple of dirty looks for daring to bring an animal into a wonderfully sanitary place such as a hotel but the vast majority of people just adore her.

In other news, she scared me half to death on Tuesday. Because she is not allowed to go to work with me (I share a small windowless office with 4 other people) I figured I’d enroll her in doggie daycare. This way she could socialize with other dogs and not have to sit in her crate all day.

Well, Tuesday was Day 2 of daycare and I got a call about 11 am saying I needed to pick her up and take her to the vet. I was very confused as she had been her usual energetic and chipper self when I dropped her off. When I next saw her, Lucy was wobbling when she walked, randomly falling over, shaking uncontrollably, drooling excessively, and refusing to drink water. I rushed her to a nearby vet who said that I needed to take her to the animal ER.

A $25 cab ride later and we were at the ER. She spent nearly 11 hours in the intensive care unit before I got a call (in the middle of the night). The ER said I needed to hurry down, Lucy wasn’t doing well. I panicked, hopped a bus, and hurried over. About halfway there I got another phone call. Gratefully, Lucy had made a miraculous and sudden turnaround. She was doing great! So once I got to the ER I checked her out and she seemed perfectly normal. She was discharged and is still doing wonderfully.

I asked the vet what was wrong with her and the vet believes that it might have been mild head trauma. Needless to say, I contacted daycare immediately. They swear that nothing happened but have refunded me the money I payed upfront for the rest of the week and apologized profusely. While Lucy will most certainly not be going back to daycare, I harbor them no ill-will. I’m just glad that Lucy is okay. And that is the story of our thrilling adventure in Seattle thus far.

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