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You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown

on April 20, 2012


My diagnosis was recently changed to Bipolar I which is characterized by episodes of mania in which the person feels invincible. Due to the nature of a manic episode, many people have trouble determining for themselves if they are suffering from one. Thus, my future dog now has one more thing to alert to.

In other news, I have narrowed my search down to two breeders. One is in Ohio and will have puppies available in November. The other is in North Carolina. I am going to visit them this weekend. If one of the puppies passes the temperament tests then it is likely that I will place a deposit on it, to pick up the puppy in May.

Here are a couple of the puppies I will be looking at.

What kind of tests, you ask? There are several simple tests you can do to determine if a puppy is a good candidate for a PSD. If you start with an appropriate breed and a dog of sound temperament then there is about a 50/50 chance that you dog with not “wash out.” These tests include watching what order the puppies come to you. The puppy should be somewhere in the middle between over-confident (which rushes right up) and nervous (who lags in the back). Then you take the puppy into a room where it has not usually been and interact with it one-on-one. You do several more tests including the paper ball test. You wad up a bit of paper and toss it. If the puppy brings it back, it is a good pick. This tests how eager the dog is to please you. Another test is to drop something noisy (such as a set of keys). The dog may startle, but it should recover quickly and investigate the item.

Because of the nature of a PSD, I believe that it is also important to feel a bond with the dog before you select it. Even if it passes all the tests, if your energies (as Ceasar Milan would say) are not compatible then it is not likely to alert.

In other news, several people have asked me about names. Here they are.

For a boy, Linus because he has his little blue blanket that goes with him everywhere.

For a girl, Lucy because she will give you psychiatric help for only 5 cents.

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