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That is When I Carried You

on February 29, 2012


Okay, so I’ve written this post twice now and it keeps getting deleted. So I’m going to try something a little different this time. Prepare to embark on a visual tour of the breed selection process!

Too Yappy

Too Drooly

Too Stubborn

Too much energy

Better choices:

Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 calls the Great Dane “the world’s largest lap dog” because, despite their size, they are flat out lazy. They do well in apartments, love their humans, require minimal grooming, and are a popular choice for PSD teams who do bracing work (because of their size). Also, there was an especially lovable Great Dane in a TV show I used to watch as a child, Toby Terrier. Please see link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yykvl-3kJcc

However, they are just too big for me right now and while it might be perfectly happy in my apartment, I’m not sure I want to sacrifice that much space.

Your Typical Service Dog

This was a much more viable option and is the classic choice for service dogs. This is for good reason, it learns fast, is friendly and calm, and has a “soft mouth” meaning that it picks things up gently. However, I don’t need such a large dog as I need no bracing work done. Also, a Golden would be sad living in a tiny apartment.

A LService Dog Choice #2abrador was another good option and is also very popular as a service animal. This is for much the same reason as the Golden Retriever. And, for similar reasons, was not a good option for me.

So what did I choose? A tiny little breed known for wanting to be with its human every second of every day. Who is eager to please and ready to learn. And, because of its small size it doesn’t take a lot of effort to tire out this pup.At first I thought they were funny looking and didn’t like the ear fringe. But now I’m 100 % sold. They’re gorgeous. The Papillon

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