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To Puppy or Not to Puppy?

on February 26, 2012

Hello again!

Where was I…?Ah, yes! I was making decisions. Next I decided if I wanted a puppy or an adult.

Puppy Pros: Youthful energy. Could be easily trained to perform tasks. Long life ahead.

Adult Pros: Already Housebroken. More stable and ready to be held and petted.

In addition, the decision between a pup and an adult would determine if I was buying a dog or rescuing one. As PSDs need to have a very specific temperament it would be next to impossible to find a puppy of the appropriate breed and temperament in a shelter. I would have much better luck finding an adult dog to rescue, and I want to rescue if at all possible.

Now, I’ve always dreamed I would rescue. I currently foster animals for the local animal shelter and I love it. Rescues make wonderful pets. I believe that they understand, on some level, that they have been rescued and are more loving because of that. Rescuing a dog is saving a life. I am Pro Rescue Dogs.

But a puppy has many advantages. The biggest is the train-ability. A puppy has not learned bad habits. Also, you know the history a puppy has had which makes it more predictable. A rescue dog may have some trauma in its life which makes it unsuitable for life as a service dog and you would never know until the dog reacted. Also, they can have health issues caused by neglect early in life which shortens their life spans (Not by much, but when the dog is already 5 years old, you want every year you can possibly get with it). Also, a puppy will be in my life longer than an adult dog, meaning the energy invested in the dog for training will last longer and I will have a more stable household.

So, the decision was made. I would buy a puppy.

Getting the dog from a reputable breeder wasn’t even a decision. I WILL NOT buy from pet stores, classifieds in the paper, or online dealers. I didn’t want to buy from a Backyard Breeder either. These are breeders who breed for profit. Most reputable breeders will breed because they want show dogs and then they sell the dogs which are not show quality. Backyard Breeders breed so they can sell the puppies and make money. These are the hardest to discern. Even if a rescue dog is not right for me, I refuse to do anything to support puppy mills. Even if this makes my life more difficult and my dog more expensive.

Next Time on PuppyJourney: Breed All About It


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